Saturday, January 14, 2006

On A Job

Its my first day of job today. They job is easy but my legs are super tired. Can you imagine how will your leg feel if you stand for 12 hours? And ya, no sitting. ;)

Oh yeah, at my working place, Bishan's Junction 8, there was this Singapore idol fans meeting event. My cousin, Elaine liked Sly, the winner and so, i decided to take picture and his autograph for her. How sad is it when i return home with the poster; and what she told me? "Er, actaully i dont quite like him..." LOL. Nvm nvm. At least i have something to blog for tonight. ;p

Okie okie, the guy in white is Sly, babi me i dont know how to spell his long Christian name. ><" While the purple hair girl is the second runner up, Olinda.

A close shot. He looks like a young version of David Tao to me. ;) How i wish this picture was Jay. Haih..

A picture of the ugly-looking me, my SO-CALLED nephew and the idols.

And about the stall i'm working for, i will blog about it a few days later. I'm so tired and i dint take any picture of it. Baru first day mau tangkap gambar. ;p

The best job is, to collect and return changes to the customers. I love the cashier machine. Ka-ching!!! ;p

The cookies i'm selling are yummy.!! You can get it in Bakery's Cottage in KL. ;) You all buy lar, i get free. ;p

Not bad huh, the sales for today was S$900 plus minus its aprroximately 60 cans. Muahahaha. Cant wait to spend my salary.

My nokia 6111, pink is waiting for me. Ginny; its not limited here. ;) Only S$500 plus. Or i might going to get nokie 7370. ;) Not release in Malaysia yet. SUPER NICE.

Anyway, if there is anything you guys need ot find me please call me @ 98606810. Its my Singapore number.


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