Saturday, January 28, 2006

A reunion with "them"

For the first time, i had a reunion dinner during the lunar new year with some non-family members. Sounds weird? I dont wish to explain who they are. If you know me well, you might know who am i mentioning. It just dont sound good mentioning about private stuffs here.

I miss my grandparents.! ;( Everyone of us are in Singapore leaving both the folks at home in KL. I feel so bad. Haih..

The picture above is my brother and so-called nephew. He's just 5. [same age as my dear Ivan] BUT. See the word, BUT. He knows how to wash chopstick when idropped them on the floor. He baths and dress himself. He eat himself using chopstick. He knows how to shoo dogs away from me when he knows i'm afraid of them. He is just five. Erm, maybe he aint super boy but that makes Ivan sounds useless. Ivan dont even know how to write his name like Marcus, the boy above does. ;(

Take a look at this, thin-tall-fair-small eyes-cheeky-hiphop-boy. Hahaha. Not forgetting the playful one behind.

How can i not take picture of myself with him? ;p

I kept taking picture of him and so, my brother was mad yet jealous. And he started to scold me. ;p "WOI! Wil you take a picture of me, the handsome?"

I dont have big butt but i have lazy butt. ;p Everyone was busy preparing the dinner but i was playing with the camera; waiting for food.

Yes!!! The table is full of food!!!!!!! But lalalalalala..... Whatever.! Had a steamboat dinner which doesnt give me good appetite because they dint use public chopstick and spoon. That kinda disgusted me. They aint my family members. I ate just a bit to fill my empty stomach. Gonna eat more after i blog.! Hahaha.

How's your reunion dinner? My cousin, Elaine and her family get to eat good stuffs like my favourite, shark fin and more.. Wuwuwuwuwu. I wished i was with them. ;p


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