Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the plane...

The trip to Kuching was very tiring. I dont even have enough sleep there. We had to work from 9am-10pm for 3 days straight, with my 3 inches heels. I had no time to go around the town, no time to play, no time to snap pictures during my trip.

The only time I could snap pictures were the time when I'm on the flight. I dont think I'm even allowed to do so but............ I did it!

I was taking this picture with a handful of bags! I wanted to take a close up picture when I'm on the way up the the plane, but I could not. There's no one to help me with the bags.

It was free seating in AirAsia's plane. So, I get to choose the place I wanted to sit which is beside the wing of the vehicle. The sky was very clear and bright during the journey to Kuching. I even saw a rainbow from far. Look at the clouds in the picture above, isn't it beautiful!!

The vain me who was camworing when my room mate cum colleague was bathing. That is our room, in Harbour View hotel (beside Hilton Hotel). Oh yes, I have to walk to work everyday. And that's my bed on the right.

The Kolo Mee, which is also known as the Sarawak Mee I had during work. Its nice and cheap! I always wanted to try this mee because KennySia always promote it in his blog. It tastes somehow like KL's wantan mee without the black sauce.

And I take no more pictures in Kuching as I dont have time for it. I remember there was a photographer during the event. Perhaps I can ask him for the pictures. :) But I continued taking pictures in the plane later, on the way back to KL.

I saw the air stewardess asking some other passengers not to take but I still do without their knowledge. How can I resist from taking pictures of such beautiful scenes. I will die of regrets later for sure. How often do I go on a plane?

The sky was even prettier on the Monday's afternoon. My colleagues and I got so excited on the plane and at the same time, we were very careful so that no one caught us doing that on the plane. I know its wrong. But I cant help it :(

We did not forget to camwhore beside taking the pictures of scenery outside the window of the plane.

I'm ugly! (*&^$@^%(%

Joyee, my best friend colleague and Shean Loong

Unfortunately, the flight duration was not long enough for more pictures. Although I was about a 100 minutes flight, but we had to minus the time where the people on plane were walking around. Hahaha. We had to take these pictures when they were not around.

The mini keychain Joyee bought. It was her first time on a plane!

The two of us in the car, on the way back to Hartamas. And there ends the photolog of my trip. :) View here for more pictures!

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Comments on "On the plane..."


Anonymous ericsaid... (April 18, 2007 6:04 PM) : 

looks like a good trip!!

i miss the kolo mee.. haven't eaten that in a LONG LONG time.. hehe..

why is it illegal to snap pics on the plane arh?


Anonymous shesaid... (April 18, 2007 8:30 PM) : 

very nice pictures leh! i'm jealous (again) already. you always take nice pictures!


Anonymous passerbysaid... (April 19, 2007 3:11 PM) : 

very nice sky photos!! andyou look very cute.


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