Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yesterday, a fun day!

I had a wonderful day yesterday! :) Mostly because the subject was easy-going. And we had a three hours break in between the two classes which allows us to do SHOPPING! SO, we went to Sunway Pyramid for a breakfast and some shopping for the up coming prom night! :)

I've got my dress earlier, what I need is just some stuffs to go with iht so that I dont look so plain and dull. However, I will not spend too much on this. Not my prom also. ;p We bought quite alot of stuffs during that 3 hours.

Oh dear, I forgotten to mention that I drove my whole bunch of friends there. It was so scary because I was so nervous having so many people in a car that doesnt even belongs to me. Hahaha. But lucky, they were fine with it. Guess what, I was so nervous that I fogotten to lock my friend's car!!!!! Lucky nothing happened or not I have to pay my life for it.

And the next class was so relaxing as all we need to do is to create a webpage using the frontpage. Alamak! This is what I love. I hope I can manage them properly and do well this time! HEHEHEHEHE.

The point of the day is the SUPRISE from me and XXX XX to Carmen. Stop guessing who the mystery person is... Dang dang dang dang...!!!

LIM PEI LU is back!!!!! Hahahaha. But no, she dint really inform her friends about it. So i suggested a plan for her to give Carmen a big big big big big big suprise. I taught her the way to Carmen's house and made her hide in her room before we reach home with the cooperations with her younger sister whom I bribed.

Carmen was so suprised!! We recorded the scene.! Hahaha. This silly girl cried like a child when she say her buddy in her room. HAHAHA. I was touched by the scene, actaully. I love the feeling of being suprised! :)


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