Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Announcements :)

If you are from SSG, the same batch as I was, do join us on our coming soon's Mooncake Festival Gathering '06 this Saturday night. It will be held at JuKoon's house. AHH. Stop telling me you're not going because you're not close with Jukoon. Dont tell me you cant attend because you dont like him. ;p

Because this is not his party. This is not his anything but his house. We "borrow" his house because we dont want to hold it anywhere outside as we need to pay. And that no one else's house is bigger and could be used for this gathering. Dont come and complain to me. Discussion about it is opened about 2 months ago and you kept quiet. So dont come crying to me telling me that I've choose the wrong place because you never tell me that earlier in the forum. :)

No offence but I'm really tired of this. Sorry. And if you're joining us, I would appreciate it if you're okay to bring along your lanterns and candles. Haha. Sounds childish but you'll never know when you'll have another chance to play with it in the future. Hahaha. Oh, and better if each of you could bring one mooncake to be shared that night. :) OKAY? Any mooncake will do.

And if you have any interesting games to share for that night, tell us about it!!! Bring it over to his place as well. It would be great! :) Do bring an extra tee shirt if you're feeling unsure whether will be covered with dirts at the end of the day or not. Hahaha.


See you guys at;
No3, Jalan Midah 18,
Taman Midah,
Cheras 56100, KL.


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