Monday, October 16, 2006

I eat!!

I hate it when people use weird weird ways to look at me. I dont like it when people describe me as a stick or a lidi. I know I'm thin, obviously but I'm not an alien or someone aneroxia. Please dont remind me that the strong wind will blow me away.

If you ever have the chance to eat with me, then only you'll know me. I do eat. Sometimes a lot. The times when you see me dont eat is the time when I'm depress. BUT if you want to see me eating again, happily, these are the food you can buy me when I refuse to eat. :)

Herbal Pan Mee @ Low Yat Plaza
Seafood, I mean chinese style of seafood!
Sushi King or whatever!
Chicken Ramen @ Far East Plaza
Tutu cake @ Bugis Street
Herbal Soups or Pan Mee @ Jalan Imbi
Ginger Fish Fried Noodle @ Mong Kok Char Chan Teng
Thai Style Taufu @ Gasoline
Curry Ayam
Any cake @ Secret Recipe
Chocolate Tong Yuen @ The Soya Shop
Coffee Ice-cream @ Haagen Dazs
My dear's porridge
Carmen's Bacon Potato
My grandma's Lotus Root soup
Banana Fritters @ KLCC
Guylian Chocolate!


So-called rare mee @ somewhere God knows

Okay, no that you know what I love to eat. NO more excuses. ;p Feed me and make me fat! If you can lar. :)

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