Thursday, October 5, 2006

Vivien is not happy!

Because of...

01. Haze
I hate the haze and I dont think anyone likes it. I really hate it and it irriates me to the max. I hate the feeling of having a another thin layer of dust on my skin. My skin is suffocating. And it dries up my throats oftenly.I hate the smell of the haze too. It sucks. I dont want a mask. Its ugly. Please please please try not to talk to me when we're staying outdoor. I'm tyring hard to hold my breathe.

02. Assignments
My semester is going to end very soon; in another 1 month's time. Very fast isnt it? And it also means that assignments are going to pill up like a hill before you could even count the amount and remember the due dates. Shit. I've just handed up my ICC assignment and I still have to prepare the slides for its presentation due next week together with my CTR and IMMW's assignment. AHH. And another BCS assignment. Lucky there were something I like, like web authoring and advertisement copywritting. And very soon, I'll be sitting for my finals.

03. Loneliness & Lack of Freedom
Damn. I feel very lonely everytime when my watch strikes 3pm. Because it is the time to leave college and that I could not lepak with my friend anymore. I have no freedom. I could not leave my house without a valid reason. Sometimes its saddening that I could not find someone to talk to and to turn to when I'm facing problems. Sometimes I just need more concern and attention from certain people.

04. My Fear of Driving
Yes. The silly little accident's scene is still staying vividly in my mind. It kept replaying everytime when I'm driving. It makes me panick and gives me a bad feeling that I'll hit on something again. And then, I could not focus.

05. I'm broke!
I've been spending more than usual this week. I'm going to die of starving soon. WHY? Because I dont know what had happened to me. I keep eating eating and eating recently when I'm in college. A big plate of mixed rice or even a big bowl of pan mee can fill my hungriness. And what, I'm not getting any fatter at all!!! Now I dont even have the money to reload my phone's credit. Sigh. Sorry if I've not been replying you.

06. Formal Dressings
This is no good. I could not find any formal clothes for my upcoming presentation. And even if I've got, I look awful in them because they are OLD. Plus, my mum has alot but they just dont fit me. I guessed my mum has gained more weight already. ;p

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