Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Because We're Cool and We've Got Style

Event : Asian Cool, Tokyo Style! Hair Show
Date : 14th November 2008
Venue : Zouk KL

#01 Ginny and I before the full make up; taken by her pink E1.

#02 Taken by my
kai tan. And why on earth did my eyelid betrayed me on the night I need it :(

#03 With my new friend, Jocelyn after the kua jiong make up and hair do.

#04 Our 80% done hair style. I was pretty lucky to escape from hair dying like Ginny's ;p But not lucky enough cause I had to wear such huge fake eyelashes that itched my eyes the whole night :(

#05 The background was too pretty. Must take picture with it! :) I love Ginny's outfit a lot!

#06 Taking the pictures
ala Jepun.

#07 Must be
kawaii okie! ;)

#08 I took a lot of pictures with her but most of them are blur. Not me though. And so, we have came out with a conclusion that Jocelyn will look blur, like really blur in pictures! Haha.

#09 The backstage where all the models and hair stylist (majority Japanese!) gathered in. It was really messy and dark. Even my make up was done in dark. That explained why was it so thick and stuffs.

#10 The other models of the "Weekend" theme.

#11 Right after the show, we stayed at the backstage doing what girls love doing most. Camwhorings!!! Jocelyn, Epa and Ginny.

#12 Plus Vanessa and I.

#13 The girls in my team, my theme; the "Party" theme. So irony. I'm not even a party girl. Haha.

#14 A very
kawaii Japanese hair stylist who was helping Ginny on her fake eye lashes. Most of the girl feel envious of me having a very pretty fake eye lashes but I want a normal one. I really look *URGH* with it :(

#15 My hair stylist, Alvin and I. He made that hair on me.

#16 Ginny and her hair stylist, Washizu. Her outfit was gorgeous!

#17 After removing my fake eyelashes, I looked even weirder. Oh no! And that's Sven on my right.

#18 With another Japanese hair stylist whose name I've forgotten.

#19 Epa and her hair stylist. I remember his name but I cant spell it. Haha.

#20 Epa and I :)

#21 Finally, again with the girls from the "Weekend" theme.

Well, there should be more pictures but these are the only ones in Ginny's and my camera. I want more but I do not know where to find! Do let me know if you see any news or come across any pictures of that night.

p/s : We were the models for the hair show and these are only the back stage photos. I'll update again when I found the front stages one! Hehe. And yalah, my hair is now so damaged. So dry :( It wasn't cut but dyed 15cm from the bottom as you can see from the pictures. So my hair looks like some layered cake now. Chocolate and caramel! Boo.

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Comments on "Because We're Cool and We've Got Style"


Anonymous shesaid... (November 19, 2008 4:37 PM) : 

WOW to your eye lashes! haha. you look like a doll =3


Anonymous cindysaid... (November 20, 2008 2:35 AM) : 

who's Sven?


Blogger sheasaid... (November 20, 2008 11:25 PM) : 

ur very pretty..u look like hannah T too!hee...


Anonymous karensaid... (November 21, 2008 3:47 PM) : 

i think ginny's outfit is cool too!!!


Anonymous vvenssaid... (November 23, 2008 1:25 PM) : 

she : thank you :(

cindy : someone who copies my nick! hahaha no lar. erm, assistant hair stylist cum crew.

shea : oh? hahaha. okok thank you!

karen : very nice right!!! but i dont think we get to wear it here. hehe


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