Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Because I have free tickets

And again, its Nuffnang who gave me free tickets. This time, they gave me tickets to watch Chelsea, the football team in Malaysia. It is not the ticket to watch the match but its the pass to watch them during their training session 2 nights ago at Shah Alam Stadium.

#01 The pass and my ugly nail. Thank you Nuffnang.

You're right. I'm totally not a fan of football. I dont even know the players' names. I know the teams' names because they are just famous and its like a general knowledge already. Haha. But why did I even attend right? Hahaha. Because of Mr Boyfriend, I asked for the tickets and went lar. Hehehe. I know nuts about soccer. I dint even know that I should be wearing blue that night instead of some other colours. I am only a fan of you-know-who. Haha.

Here are some pictures taken during that night.

#02 Me and the tall boyfriend.

#03 The banner on top of the stadium. I zoom, zoom, zoomed!

#04 The crowd, obviously the fans of the team (the one holding the flag!) unlike me. Haha. Spot the mascot!

#05 The Chelsea team versus the national team. The sky was pretty.

#06 During the training match. And one thing that I was surprised about, this is my first time watching a soccer match, really, and I find it amazing when people actually cheer at others who
kena the bola right at the faces. Very pain okie :( You would not want people to cheer at you if you are the unlucky person.

#07 Hello :)

#08 The guys I went with, Dexter, his brother and his cousin brother (who is a big big big fan of Chelsea).

#09 Someone shooting someone holding someone who fell down.

#10 I dont know how to write for this caption but I snapped the goal keeper doing a jump.

#11 Then, I was a little bored and I started to took pictures of the sky. Haha.

#12 Then the crowd cheered. And I dont know why because I was looking at the sky. Haha. This picture may not be accurate but I really was lost for once or twice when the crowd cheered.

#13 The stadium. The human looks like ants to me now. This is the correct view I had in live but I get to take closer pictures because...

#14 My Canon is somehow good. Not better than professional use cameras but good enough la. And that we stood on the chairs....

#15 Okay, not only us but EVERYONE. Hahahaha.

Ya so, this is the end of the post because I really do not know how to continue as I really know nothing about it but that er.. the real match was last night. Haha. So, how was it ah?

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Comments on "Because I have free tickets"


Blogger 孤单的孩子said... (July 30, 2008 3:37 PM) : envy tat u can watch the training matchwat did they do...just kick the ball onli or? ....haha...i am football fans too....but i support liverpool d...i don like chelsea at all...they are the enemy of liverpool... -)


Anonymous karensaid... (July 31, 2008 10:23 AM) : 

wow. means your camera can zoom very far! hahaha. and both of you have matching nerdy specs ah! hahaha.


Anonymous vvenssaid... (August 01, 2008 1:55 PM) : 

孤单的孩子 : haha yeah they were having a friendly match. i'm not a soccer fan either! hahaha.

karen : yeah yeah. but once zoomed, the quality reduces. we are nerds! hehe


Anonymous hangbensaid... (August 25, 2008 11:42 AM) : 

wow ur soccer pitch action photos are pretty gd, I've onli got a Canon Ixus tho but ur powershot looks gd.


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