Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iris' 20th Birthday

Date : 27th April 2008
Venue : Her boyfriend's place @ Aman Suria

Oh well, I could not remember when was the last time hanging out with them. And here are the pictures we took that night. *spam spam spam*

#01 PuiYeen, Iris the birthday girl and Chloe. OMG. Let's point and shout together at PuiYeen's hair. She's my new idol. I can never have that hair cut.

#02 Cindy, Carmen and PuiYeen. Wow. The old time buddies. We used to hang out a lot in high school. I miss the times when we waited for each others outside the classes as we were seperated into 5 different classes.

#03 PuiYeen, Iris and her new sibling, Little Miss Mushroom :)

#04 Cindy, Iris and Carmen.

#05 The girls sitting there waiting for FOOD.

#06 After eating, we started to fool around the playground. Hahaha. Iris was the mean birthday girl. She was trying to kill us by pushing us down but we were still very happy about it. Haha.

#07 Damn cute!! Sorry Iris, I cant photoshop you up with PuiYeen.

#08 I am so gonna explain why was my leg up okie! It was because I cannot balance myself lor. And I dint know my leg will be captured in the frame. I am not lying, you see Cindy was trying to balance herself too. Hehe.

#09 Iris and I plus stupid John's finger poking my arms. See my tan!!! :(

#10 The girls :)

#11 And that is WanWei giving Iris her birthday kiss.

#12 Iris and Ervin :)

#13 Why do I look so awkward here? Hahaha. And I have an oily face here :(

#14 This was taken by self-timer. Haha I like this picture because my hair looked extremely long. Hehehahahahehehahaha. Eh wait. Maybe it is just an illusion by having a short hair girl beside me :(

#15 And lastly, the group photo of most of the people who went to her party :)

Iris : Hope you had a happy birthday :D

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Comments on "Iris' 20th Birthday"


Blogger Booppisaid... (April 30, 2008 10:29 PM) : 

hey hey, thanks for coming...very happy and tired.. is ok with the photoshop. let pui be taller than me for once ;p and pic no. 9 hahahahahahhaha check out your toes.. damn cute!


Blogger vvenssaid... (May 03, 2008 3:19 PM) : 

boppi : hahaha. as long as your happy everything will be worth it. hehehe why you kap my toes! i also dint notice that! hahahaha.


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