Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Freaking Freaky

Maybe I took too much sweet things today and they made me hyper for the whole day. I made fun and fool around with my friends, I laughed like nuts, I cannot stop talking, and I was never serious this morning. The other side of me which maybe may not have seen. Hahaha. I dont think you would wanna see it anyway.

So the point was, there was this senior in my campus which looked so much like Ahpiao, not 'uncle' but my mr.good friend, Tan Ah Piao. Hahahahaha. Whenever we, as in me and my friends saw this particular guy walk around the campus, we would burst into laughters because he really look like the twin brother of Piao, ok? Really alike that I might believe that this senior is his long lost brother. Hahahaha.

And today, the not-so-serious me fooled about this issue again. As he was carrying a bagpack, as usual, I laughed at him. "Hahahahahaha. That bag again. Looks like turtle's shell." I said. Cindy, "Mean lar you. There was also a senior in our high school was named turtle by you as well, remember?" And then, I laughed like nobody business again. Its true! Hahaha. Again and again, I could not recall what was his name, all I remember was, "wu kuai hok" which meant turtle's shell in cantonese. We then forget about it beacuse we really could not recall his name.

And as usual, I took the train home like any other days. Until the Bandar Tun Razak's stop. I stoned. I saw the high school senior I just mentioned this morning. Freaking coincident right? Ok. I admit. I laughed alone in the train like a girl who went out of her mind. The people beside me were starring at me but I could not control myself. At that time, I finally recalled his name which I dont want to mention it here. I'm afraid he would kill me. HAHA.

During the whole journey from Sungei Besi to Cempaka, I never looked at him because I know I would scare him. Hahahaha. I laughed all the way until I got down the stop when he wasnt around anymore. Hahahaha. This taught us, never like mention someone in the day time or not he/she will appear later. ;p ;p A direct phrase translated from cantonese lar....


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