Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy time flows faster than we realise

I want to swim at a clean beach. I want to drive. I want to bring you to places with no disturbance; just us doing what I've been dreaming about all the time. I'm not desperate but just wanna spend some quality time with you.

I understand we have countless days in the future but lost time is not found. I'm just hoping to fulfill wishes and dreams of a girl in love. Time doesnt stop and allow us to replace it with what we've missed. No, we don't have the universal remote nor a time machine. That's why we have to cherish the time left. I can't afford to waste them anymore.

Just a few months to complete them and we shall plan things ahead again sometime in the future that no one could see. I'm suprised that I could accept the fact that you may be leaving. I thought I would broke down and beg for you to stay. Maybe I'm no longer a little girl; which is a good thing. So I guess I'm worth for my wishes. :)

I want an extraordinary life from today onwards, at least different from now. Can?


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