Monday, August 7, 2006


If you know I am superstitious, you can predict what will I post about today. *thinks...*

It's Ghost Festival today. So, beware of your every act. Be good kids tonight and let them have their time here in their old home.

Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do, I would rest on my bed and start thinking about everything under the sun. And about ghost, why do we think they are terrifying? Why are they always ugly and scary?

The answer: MEDIA

If media doesnt make them scary and stuffs, there would be no one watching the boring shows in the cinema. Its them who spoilt the ghost's reputation. ;p Honestly lar. I have never meet any of them and would not wish to meet them because I, myself is influenced by the media, but I really dont think they are that harmful and scary.

How come souls gain their super natural power only after death? Why not before like US now? Why would they come on earth just to scare us? Why must the females ghost have long hairs covering their face? Why?

Sigh. I dont know why I'm superstitious either. Believing is better than not, right? But I also agree with this; if we mind set ourselves that there are ghost around us, there will be. In another hand, if we think there is none, there will be none! Not forgetting that I'm also rational. Hee.

Just be a good kid tonight, to avoid problems and let them have their day.


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