Thursday, August 3, 2006

Wait, Waiting, Waited

I wait for my alarm to wakes me up at 5:45 every morning.
I wait for the "smell" to fade off before i enter the toilet.
I wait for my mum to rush me when I make up myself.
I wait for the green light before I reaches Ampang point.
I wait for my senior to get to college.
I wait for my classmates to get in the class.
I wait for the lecturer to start the lesson.
I wait for Digi's daily SMS at 12noon in between lessons.
I wait for my classmates to inform the lecturer that class is over.
I wait for my lovely SMS replies right after classes are over.
I wait for my friends to offer me the front seats in the car.
I wait for the time when they offer to send me home.
I wait for the LRT at the creepy stations.
I wait for the time when the trains reach Maluri, so that I call my mum.
I wait for my mum to pick me up later.
I wait for the time to bath.
I wait for the modem's light to fully lit before I can access to the internet.
I wait for the pages to load.
I wait for replies again.
I wait for the clock to strike on 7pm.
I wait for the clock to strike on 9.23pm again.
I wait for my dream to appear.
And again, I wait for the coming morning.

I'm waiting for a laptop to use.
I'm waiting for my air conditioner to work.
I'm waiting for my room's light to lit.
I'm waiting for my new study table's arrival.
I'm also waiting for someone to tell me that I'm not a good-for-nothing person.
And I hate to wait for people to pick u p my phone. I hate the "tuu-tuu" sound.

This time, this post is true. I hate to wait but I always need to wait. This explained why I have a long neck lar.

Some people might think I'm an unpatient girl but I can't explain why I'm able to wait for just a reply from certain people for like 5-6 hours.

Now, I'm waiting for a chance to change this waiting routine. I really want to wait no more.

And it is not that I don't want to blog. But there's nothing significant for me to rant about. I'm just waiting for something for me to share with YOU. I really am...

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