Sunday, August 20, 2006

You pushed me back to Hell once I stepped on Heaven. ;(

Some might know about this, I was in a progress of getting a car. I was very happy and looking forward about it.

"Your car is coming next week." she said.

And I almost went crazy when I heard those words from my mum. She prepared everything I should have in my car. Sounds silly but yes. She bought me a car kit ot whatsoever, umbrella bla bla bla.. And even a kayu to whack people; only for emergency lar! ;p Me too!!! I was so so so so happy and I thought I was dreaming because I never dreamt of my mum getting me a car so quickly!

But what the hell.

She canceled the car buying plan just yesterday. I was speechless man. I don't know why. It happened just so sudden. ;(

I'm very sad now okay. Especially when I see the almost-my-car around town. ;( And I was so mad yesterday that I sticked the P sticker on her car and drove.......... Hahaha. I'm not happy now!!!!!!

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