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Moonlight Resonance's Biggest Mistakes

It is kinda ironic that the previous post I was talking about how much I like the series. But nothing is perfect right? It was yesterday morning when I saw this news report in China press. They titled it BIG BIG, "Moonlight Resonances 8 Biggest Mistakes". And I thought, "Aiya.. Good series sure receive a lot of comments and critics one." Then I continue reading the details and some of them did made me wonder, "WHY LIKE THAT AH!".

Anyway, I'm gonna share the their big mistakes here with the translation I got from here!

#01 Where did Susanna Kwan/Sa Yi/Lor por really live?
Ever since Sa Yi returned to Hong Kong in Episode 1, she has been emphasizing that she lived in Portugal’s See But Ting [士砵亭]. However, there is not such place in Portugal. See But Ting is actually a sports club in Portugal called Sporting Clube de Portugal, usually referred to as Sporting Lisbon. I think the producers dint do much research about this, or maybe Sa Yi mentioned it wrongly from the script but no one realise it? I dont know but it doesnt really matter as we would not realise this mistake if you know nothing about places in Portugal.

Careless mistake.

#02 Ka Lok’s mother (Mary Hon) finally accepted Ah Hing (Fala Chen) and learned sign language.
Then, she went to Hor Ma’s place to communicate with Ah Hing using sign language. The scene was touching, do you remember? She was trying to tell Ah Hing that she is accepting her. But why was Hor Ma beside her translating when the whole family understands sign language. For who? Why not have Mary do a voice over? Haha. It was weird but doesnt really matter also.

Silly mistake.

#03 Ah Hing and Yu So Chau have the same cell phone numbers.
In Episode 14, after Ah Hing and Ka Lok (Dexter Yeung) broke up, Fala sent a message to Kun Ka Zai (Raymond Lam) saying that she wanted to be calm down alone. Kun Ka Zai’s phone indicated that Ah Hing’s number as 66847284. Then in Episode 15, Yu So Chau got off work and phoned Kun Ka Zai. The screen showed that the phone number was 66847284 too. AWW! WHY LIKE THIS? Its either the producers on set are really lazy or that Kun Ka Zai saved their numbers wrongly. This was very obvious if you did notice on their phone screen. How can like that?

BIG BIG mistake.

#04 What happened to Yu So Chao's car in Episode 16?
Yu So Chau’s work was not going smoothly and so she talked with Kun Ka Zai on the phone. Then, the two drove their own cars to the location they were meeting at. Kun Ka Zai then took Yu So Chau to eat and drink, and then brought her on a ferry to North Point. Finally, Yu So Chau went on a taxi to go home. As for the car she drove before.. But for this, I think its explainable. Yu So Chau always mention that her mum disallow her to drive here drive there. And that they are so rich, they can always pay or get someone to drive her car home. No problem weh. It just that they dint mention the process in the series. Perhaps too much happenings in too little episodes.

Small mistake lar.

#05 Grandpa has no intention to find his second daughter.
Grandpa learns that Hor Ma is his daughter but Sa Yi is not. “Family” is so important to Grandpa, but why doesn’t he go look for his other daughter as Sa Yi isn’t his? Hor Ma does not mention about her missing sister either. THIS IS RIDICULOS TOO. Hahaha. If you know that one of the lady is not your real daugther, eventually you will look for the real one right? And they mentioned that the second daugther is living in a bad condition but why dint they look for her? AIYOH.

BIG mistake weh.

#06 Ah Hing, even after marriage, continues to eat dinner at Hor Ma’s home.
Whenever the family at Hor Ma’s is eating, you will see Ah Hing. Not all th time but most of the time. It is like Ah Hing never got married. Did she forget about taking care of her mother in-law who has kidney problems? And dint they make it such a big thing when she's getting married, thinking that they will no longer be so close? So funny leh. The girl can always return to her parents home lar but too often already I think. Something is wrong with the script somewhere.

Stupid mistake.

#07 Ah Yuet (Tavia Yeung) owes money to the finance company.
This is all forgotten when the family brings Ah Yuet back home after she moved out with her boyfriend. Also, Ah Ka (Moses Chan) owes someone $600,000 after messing up in the stock market. He was given a warning two times. This is all forgotten as the series progresses. Anyways, I do not think that this is a very big mistake as most of them are rich, in a way. It just not shown in the series again. Haha.

Silly mistake again.

#08 Ah Ka and his coat.
In the series, they are often talking about how to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Joe Bao made a 36 inch mooncake too. This means that the scenes are set in the months of July to September where the weather is very hot. The characters, especially Ah Ka, on the other hand, are always wearing thick jackets and sweaters. To me, this is not a mistake. Its just fashion lar I guess. There are also people wearing mini skirts in winter. And wearing as if its snows here in KL. Not a problem. Haha. But I really like Ah Ka's Ray Ban glasses. Hehe.

Not a mistake also....

There was one mistake that I found it myself, maybe not a mistake as it wasnt mentioned. Correct me if I'm wrong.

#09 Zhong zai canoeing!!
Remember the episodes that showed how much Zhong Zai loved canoeing? There were two scenes in total, I think. One is where he was practicing and another was the real competition. As for the competition scene, it was shown only in Jo Bao's 3G cellphone. And that scene was exactly the same as the previous episodes. And also the only canoeing scenes, considering that they are the same. Why ah? I'm not very sure about this though. Someone please tell me about it. Haha.

#10 Lastly, this show's time line is FUNNY.

In 40 episodes, the time clocks by years and no one's look changes. No one's hair grew long. Even the mushroom hair is maintained nicely. I think they cut their hair daily. Hahaha. Not detailed enough!!!! Should refer to the Secret! Even if it was only 5 months, the girl's hair grew weh!!

Mistake. Mistake.

And that's about it! What do you think? And even though there are mistakes, I never did lose my interest in this series weh. Still excited for tonight! Why? Because the last two episodes are airing tonight!!!! TONIGHT! What do you think will happen tonight?

Moonlight Resonance's full theme :)


Comments on "Moonlight Resonance's Biggest Mistakes"


Anonymous maggiesaid... (September 21, 2008 9:52 PM) : 

i just finished watching!! AWWW. the ending was so sweet. and hey, their hairstyle finally changed. haha


Anonymous Jayellesaid... (September 22, 2008 2:17 AM) : 

AHAHAHA mushroom hair. fricken ugly hair man. I'm still downloading epi 39 and 40!! don't give spoilers ah.


Anonymous shesaid... (September 22, 2008 1:24 PM) : 

hahaha yeah their hair dint grow until the last episode! haha. but alot of shows also like that.


Blogger vvenssaid... (September 22, 2008 6:20 PM) : 

maggie : but the part where they were playing the game "ngor san tai bei lei hou ah, lei sei tak bei ngor jou ah" was stupid i thought! ;p

jayelle : no worries! no spoilers ;p

she : yeah true also but this one abit too much since so many year flew by.


Anonymous susansaid... (September 24, 2008 8:36 PM) : 

joe bao's hair is also a wig... he doesn't have hair in real life =p


Anonymous bryanlytsaid... (September 24, 2008 8:37 PM) : 

waaa u actually analysed the series! if u didnt mention, i wudnt hav noticed it thou haha! aiyoyoo


Anonymous Mei Yansaid... (September 24, 2008 8:37 PM) : 

wow... u really take note of their mistakes huh.. especially #3.. the numbers.. lol... i didn't notice that coming.. lol


Anonymous chensaid... (September 24, 2008 8:38 PM) : 

haha.. I agree with you.. how come you find out all these mistakes? lol..


Anonymous tssaid... (September 24, 2008 8:38 PM) : 

Hi vvens, I think they use fake hair lah! Cause their hairstyles must suit their characters. I don't think they like these hairstyles in real life. True?


Anonymous Jiayisaid... (September 24, 2008 8:39 PM) : 

about zhong cai canoeing, i realise that the same scene haha! want to save cost gua dont hv to retake that scene and thought we wont realise :P very gan jeong too is TONIGHT! hehe!


Anonymous vvenssaid... (September 25, 2008 6:12 PM) : 

susan : haha really? but his real life hair also more or less the same mar. just the last episode his hair was abit MORE only.

bryanlyt : some were found when i was reading newspaper. hehehe.

meiyan : very careless lor that mistake. aih.

chen : by observations and researches ;p

ts : i think only hong yi's hair is a wig..

jiayi : oohh so i dint see it wrongly! hehehehe.


Blogger Simon Seowsaid... (September 26, 2008 7:43 PM) : 

#2 for the audience lah of course, we don't understand sign language lah.


Blogger vvenssaid... (September 26, 2008 11:40 PM) : 

simon seow : of course for us in a way but why must Hor ma do it? why dint the mother in law dubbed the voice herself? everyone in the house knows sign language why would Hor ma translate it out loud. Haha. Anyways, not important ;p


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