Monday, September 11, 2006

When you're in the changing room...

I wonder if you have heard about this BIG news about few weeks ago, when a celebrity from HongKong was snapped while changing in the room at Genting Highlands. I think the HK paparazies were very mean to hide a camera in their closet during their concert. They then, posted the pictures of this pretty lady changing, almost naked, in almost all magazines! Even worse, when they did something so bad in Malaysia. It somehow gives people a bad image on us. Why Malaysia sounds so dangerous? Lucky, they've got the things cleared that it is not done by us! However, I did wonder if they were bribed? *_*

Anyway, I think they really went out of limit this time. HK paparazies are so famous in tailing and stalking celebrities. Publish their ugliest picture they can get or create rumours and negative things about someone famous. Showing the public private things about them, like putting up pictures they get to take what they did at home. Bla bla bla. And yet, this particular issue has brought up the celebrities right and laws. Although someone is sacrificed, like said, we have to take one step down to move another step forward. :) Nothing is so bad afterall.

Due to this, I was taught how to be aware of it. Okay, maybe we are not any famous people here but who knows that people around you are normal. Lalalala. Not hinting about anyone, but why not just take precaution steps before anything bad happens?

Does anyone of you here never seen a one side mirror? Erm, I dont exactly know the term for it but its a kind of glass which normally certain shops or police stations uses where people from the inside can get to see people outside BUT people outside can only view their own reflection like a real mirror. Erm, bad explanation I guess. ;p We, girls, should always be aware of that when we are going to try on clothes in shops' changing rooms. How? Easy!

Just use your fingers! Hahaha. Yes. I'm not kidding you. Just use your finger, point it to the mirror. Make sure you touch the mirror okay. Take a look at the reflection. A real mirror should have this effect where you can see a gap between the object and the image, like shown in the picture above. Get what I'm trying to say? If there's no space in between, dont change!! Complain about it! There's people sitting over the glass peeping at you!

What if they put a camera in the room? I would not know right? NO! You can try it with your phone. Try to make a phone call. I was told that if the connectivity is bad, when there's no line available in your phone, that means there is something wrong with the room. There must be some cameras and vehichles which supports the camera around.

Very simple ways to protect yourself BUT if you are still unsure, just face your back to the mirror! Dont get yourself exposed.


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