Monday, September 25, 2006

Suitcase Murder

It was last Wednesday when this happened. Okay, actaully it does not have anything to do with me but because of this I was 30 minutes late for class. The traffic was really sucky that day and a trip from Ampang to PJ and back then, took us almost 3 hours! It was so serious. I mean, not only the traffic lar, in generally this incident.

It was gross and saddening. A teen about my age was killed by his ex-college mates after being kidnapped. WTH. A friend you know!! I cannot imagine the disappointment in this poor guy. I really cannot imagine if a friend of mine is doing this to me. A friend who betrayed you. A friend who killed you.

Why such people can be so cold blooded. Black mailing is bad enough, what more putting a friend ALIVE in a briefcase to death? I wonder if they realised the mistake they have done. They tortured him. They tortured a young man's life by covering his head with a plastic bag to death. He suffocated to death! Oh my, and he was left only a brief. How can they even treat a friend of theirs like this.

Putting him in a briefcase at a construction place; I thought such thing will only happen in TV dramas. I never knew such insane will appear around us. And I felt worse when I was informed that the victim is a second degree friend of mine. :( I dont know him but I feel sorry. Very sorry for him and my friend. Jing jing said, he was a very good boy. The only thing he wasnt very good in, is to choose the right friends. Very true. He mixed with the wrong friends who caused everything today.

People there, be real careful when you make friends. This is real sad... :(

p/s: I typed this twice and the first piece was way better... It was lost because almost the whole Ampang area blacked out. :(


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