Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Abandoned Knowledge

I really don't remember when was the last time I solved a math question. And also the last time I actaully used a calculator. Maybe I do. The math paper during SPM late last year? I was quite upset when I realised I dont even remember how to do a simple equation or whatever related to math. I cant even divide 123 into 5, mentally now. I feel so shameful when I cant even do my brother's math homework.

Ooh great. Did I just abandoned the knowlegde of math or did it just left me?

I find it a waste for not keeping the knowledge with me. But Mass Comm is one of the only courses which doesnt involve Math. Should I be happy or not? I really do love math and I can do well too, during the hgih school but not now anymore. Haha. What a shame. I think I would upset Ms Doh & Puan Dina. They are like the saviour of my math during school days!! Serious. Before they actaully taught me, I cannot do well. And as soon as I attended their classes, I improved like nobody's business. :)

Ooh. I love to do Matrix and counting angles in the circles and triangles. Haha. But now, really, I cannot do a sum without my calculator. Even if I'm having it on my hand, I dont know what to press. Oh no, I know how to press simple sums lar please. I meant those I used to be so good at. I even know plenty of tricks in the calculator.

My brain turned rusty I guessed. And was even upset when my mum asked me to do a mini account for her sales when I dont even remember how. I dropped my accountings anyway before sitting for SPM. ;p

I wonder how well will I score if I redo the past year's work again. They are still with me. Perhaps I really should. Just cant throw the 3+6+5 years' knowledge away within 9 months' time.

Ehh. I know how to do this sum.
3+6+5=14 , 14years=168months , 168-9=159months!!

Hahaha. Pointless? ;p


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