Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cow in the House

Event : Lie Peh's 21st Birthday Party
Date : 26th April 2009
Venue : Fullhouse @ NZX, Ara Damansara

Beware!! I have a lot of pictures in this post!!! And that's why I could not update on my blog earlier because I've exceeded my web hosting's bandwidth! Hahaha.

#01 We went to Fullhouse which was located in NZX - 牛车水 (Direct translate means; Cow Car Wa in Ara Damansara.

#02 It is a very very cute restaurant. Everything in it is cute! The decoration, the theme, the menu and the stuffs (will be shown later)! :) Me likey!

#03 The four of them (again!), KaiYee, WanWei, LiePeh and PuiYeen. The birthday girl in fedora :)

#04 The three of us (again again!!!), Cindy, Carmen and I.

#05 All of the girls who attended her birthday dinner. The theme was Black and White cum fake eyelashes! Why ah? Cause the birthday girl loves fake eyelashes and she actually owns a blogshop selling them. Check it out here! :) From left to right; top - Me, Emily Ong, Cindy, Carmen, WanWei, Leanna, Sabrina. Bottom - SzeWei, KaiYee, LiePeh, PuiYeen and Cheryl.

#06 Us, during the dinner. The food there was not bad! I miss the Carbonara Spaghetti and Pan Seared Dory Fish. They were good and their prices were reasonable too! Will go back there for them :)

#07 Right after the dinner, we start a so called photography session in the restaurant. In the WHOLE restaurant. Every part and corner of it! I must say that we were quite vain ;p We ignored everyone in the restaurant and took it as if it was our own world or something. We were just being ourselves I guess. Haha. And that's Carmen eating her chocolate bar and Cindy patting her new pat, the Dove. Haha.

#08 PuiYeen and I :)

#09 The blacks and the whites.

#10 The three of us and the birthday girl :)

#11 I hope you're not bored with the pictures yet. I have more to go. Hehe.

#12 The triple dates' girls. Leanna, LiePeh a.k.a Iris and Sabrina. Check out Sab's blogshop too!

#13 The intented
-kelefeh-added picture. Hehe.

#14 The birthday girl and SzeWei the hot stuff :) LiePeh told me not to tell that she's actually standing on a platform so that she looks as tall as SzeWei. Hahaha. Oops.

#15 LiePeh, WanWei and Cheryl.

#16 The PVC :)

#17 That's the changing room made out of shower room :) Yes, besides being a restaurant, Fullhouse is also half a boutique. It sells clothes and accessories that will drive the girls mad.

#18 The infamous shutter shades and... finger shade. Haha. And that's not my camera. It belongs to the birthday girl. Just dint feel like using my own camera that night ;p

#19 Now Carmen has a cool pair of shades. I like this picture of her :)

#20 There was this random bathtub appearing in the middle of the boutique. We could not resist but to camwhore with it! She looks very cute in the tub. It reminds me of how little kids love to bath in it :)

#21 Cindy and I; we played around with the props in the boutique/restaurant/cafe. Haha. They are also selling this chocolate bar note pad. It is very interesting. It looks real and it even smells real!

#22 Then we joined the rest!

#23 And oh, I've forgotten to introduce Carmen's new boyfriend :) Hehe. His name is Man Ne Quin.

#24 Cindy and the Dove.

#25 Them, fighting over the bed. Hahaha.

#26 Haha this is a candid shot taken when LiePeh used Carmen as her bag's rack. Why? Because LiePeh wants to take a shot without her bag as below;

#27 Super got feel.. Hahahaha.

#28 And it was cake cutting candle blowing time!! :)

#29 As we were singing, "Happy birthday to LiePeh" :) Look at her happy face :) :)

#30 Then, a group picture of all of us again. And I just noticed, one side was white and the other was black. Hahaha. We dint plan it at all.

#31 The birthday kiss from WanWei as always =3 =3

#32 That's us! We were totally attracted by this pink vintage phone on sale. Hehe.

#33 The birthday girl and the boyfriend, Ervin.

#34 Still playing with the props in Fullhouse ;p

#35 They have this very vintage television set there too! Interesting! The buttons on the tv set reminds me of the stove now. Haha.

#36 Cant remember what's with my peace sign. Hahaha. And then, we went out to the Fullhouse' entrance to camwhore more with their vintage Mini Cooper :)

#37 That's SzeWei,
kelefeh 1 and kelefeh 2 behind :)

#38 Hehehe. No lar. How can you be the
kelefeh :) You're too cute to be one *vomits* Hahahaha.

#39 And me me! I so wanna drive the car home :(

#40 The birthday girl :)

#41 We wanted to take pictures with the fake bushes and fence and the pretty wallpaper behind but there were too much customers there so we could not take with the wallpaper. We shall go back and sit there!! Hehe.

#42 We wanna be Forever 21!!

#43 A full body shot with the birthday girl that night before leaving... Too bad, the hand phone in my pocket kinda spoil the picture. Aiks.

#44 Look at the naughty little girls!!!!! Hahaha.

#45 We had fun that night in Fullhouse :) Thank you LiePeh, hope you had a wonderful birthday as well. Fullhouse, we will be back!! :D :D

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Anonymous TOLANICsaid... (May 02, 2009 1:54 PM) : 

Woah, the interior design of Fullhouse look extremely unique! :)


Blogger MattiEsaid... (May 02, 2009 2:12 PM) : 

i just like the korean drama version (fullhouse) hahah. but nice pictures :)


Anonymous Sharonsaid... (May 03, 2009 8:14 AM) : 

Nice pictures! I like your skirt! :)


Blogger kiMsaid... (May 03, 2009 11:54 AM) : 

so many birthday party to attend! haha...i love the interior for full house and garden!! great place for photography session!


Anonymous karensaid... (May 06, 2009 10:20 AM) : 

wow! the design of the cafe is so pretty :) i'm very sure you girls had fun! ^^


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