Friday, April 10, 2009

Here comes Musicman!

It is a bird! It is an aeroplane! No! It is Music Man; Lee Hom!!

Look who is here for concert in KL!! :) Yes, its Wang Lee Hom. He's back so soon! The last time he came here for his concert, Heroes of the Earth World was like yesterday only. No, I dint attend his last concert but I went to see his performance on the previous year in Amway's convention at Bukit Jalil. His performances did rock the crowd then and I'm pretty sure it will be much better on his very own upcoming concert this 2nd May! I just wonder if he is going to perform the 360 degree drum playing in his concert again. That's something not everyone can do!

I used to have celebrity crush on him and buy his albums one leh! Would love to hear him sing the song, 唯一 during this coming concert. Do you want? Do you want? He is holding his concert in Stadium Bukit Jalil in less than a month from now! I know you are drooling over it already.

Once again, the School of X is here to give us the chance to win his ticket! There is no more time for money saving, so lets cross your fingers move your fingers and start sending text messages to win a pair of his concert tickets that are worth RM 198 each!

For the S.O.X. members, here is how you need to do to win them!

Step 01

Step 02
Send it to 28881.

Step 03
Upon receiving a confirmation via SMS, just reload RM20 before 26 April 2009 to stand a chance to win.

Step 04
You are done! :D

And do you think my post ends here? NO!

Do you want to meet Mr Wang in person? Yes of course! But how?

Well, MeTV on Channel [X] is having a contest which allows you to win the eand tickets (RM198 x 2!) to Lee Hom Music-Man Live in KL 2009 now. WOW! I know you want it. I want it too! :D

All we need to do is snap/record our best "I'm a Music Man/Woman" picture/video.

Here's mine! An example ;p

And this;

Hahaha! Then, just upload your picture/video on MeTV by typing "Music Man" via MMS to 26388 before 26th April 2009.

The most creative entry will get to see the Music Man!!!!!! :)

It is possible if you want to watch, download or rate the pictures/videos on MeTV too! Just follow the steps as below;

Step 01
Log on to from your mobile.

Step 02
Go to Fun Stuff and select Lee Hom Music Man.

Step 03
Look under Contest category and click on the View, rate or download contest entries' link.

Step 04
Select Lee Hom Music Man category to view pictures or videos.

Step 05
If you want to rate them, click on the Rate It link. To download them, just click on the Download Now button :)

That's about it! Do grab this opportunity now or not you will not have the chance to meet Lee Hom for his upcoming concert. Go go! Have fun and all the best :)


Comments on "Here comes Musicman!"


Anonymous shesaid... (April 10, 2009 10:23 PM) : 

hahaha your music note on sunglasses picture is funny! creative also :)


Anonymous Huai Binsaid... (April 11, 2009 10:48 PM) : 

Lee Hom eh, I think I've heard one song by him.


Anonymous vvenssaid... (April 12, 2009 11:03 AM) : 

she : i thought it was lame. haha.

huai bin : only one song?


Anonymous jimsaid... (April 13, 2009 10:52 AM) : 

i'm going!! i'm going!! i'm so excited!!!! :D :D :D


Anonymous Huai Binsaid... (April 13, 2009 11:32 PM) : 

Yeah, unfortunately, I don't listen much to Chinese music. I had to memorize the lyrics to Kiss Goodbye.

I like MC Jin though - there's this song featuring Daniel Wu called Superstar.


Anonymous vvenssaid... (April 14, 2009 10:22 AM) : 

jim : haha good for you! :D

huai bin : ooh is it. maybe you should listen to a little; Jay's are good :) ooh i know that daniel wu's song. hahaha :)


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