Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Backdated Pictures

Event : Field trip, 8TV - One in a Million
Date : 20th February 2008
Venue : Sri Pentas, Shah Alam

#01 One of my favourite bunch of girls I know in college.

#02 We dint pakat on what to wear that day. Somehow we came out in the same shades of colours. Hehe.

#03 YeeLing, Yinly and Lilo.

#04 The stage looked damn big from the TV screen but it is actually very the hyper small.

#05 They have cool lighting though.

#06 One of my favourite picture taken that day.

#07 We are one in a million BFFs too. Because we share the same birthday! Hahaha. So cool.

#08 Mr. Beh

#09 In short ah, the trip was kinda crappy. Damn bored. Sneaked back home in the middle of the trip ;p

#10 The group picture I missed out earlier ;p

Event : Alvin's 20th Birthday Party
Date : 29 March 2008
Venue : His house, Klang

#11 SweeWei and her new best friend, Foundue.

#12 Hahaha. The new cool pose.

#13 I took a lot of candid picture that night, love them :)

#14 SweeWei, Audrey and Kerry.

#15 A group picture.

#16 The blur girl and I.

#17 The chicken, Jacqkie and Carmen.

#18 Horny Carmen and Audrey.

#19 Jacqkie, SweeWei and Chee Hang.

#20 Another very funny half candid picture :)

#21 They have very cute facial expressions eh!

#22 Carmen and I, plus Kerry's fingers.

#23 Candid!

#24 The people from my college, the Mass Commies. Hahaha.

#25 And the finale :)

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looking good in picture 15 huh


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