Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Significant Little Humans

14 years ago,

I remember meeting this cute little male classmate of mine. I remember how he looked till now. He was a pretty boy that I can never forget his name, Ronald Lim. He was the first person who talked to me and I remember having little crush on him being a stupid little girl who had no friends. We were friends till 10, then he left, I lost his contact and there goes the pretty little guy. Well, I got to meet him once in Penang, suprisingly in a swimming pool when we were 12. Damn. I seriously regret for not talking to him and asked for his contact. I was too shy partially because I was in my swim wear. Haha. He was shy too, as I can see from his eyes. I am sure he remembered me at that moment.

13 years ago,

The first year of primary school, I was sent to a class, where I knew no one because I spent only a few months in the kindergarten years. There was this little boy, AL who has small eyes sat right beside me. I remember that left handed boy taught me writing in Chinese characters. But I am sure I can write better than him now. I even remember us holding hands!!!!! I spent most of the time with him back then. We played role-playing-of-Power Rangers as I was the yellow girl and he was the red one.

Minus the boy, who is still a friend of mine now, there was this girl, DL who has big eyes and short hair sitting next to him, became a good friend of mine too. Though we are not close anymore (because I think she changed a lot!!!!), but she was one of my BFF leh last time. We were in the same class from primary1 to primary5, skipping primary6 because I dont know what the hell happened to me on that year, and from form1 to form3. We used to play getah and hop-stotch everyday without fail even during the haze-year. We learnt gymnastic and even went to the tournament together too. She was the girl I always sticked with when it came to sports. Oh, she was my favourite sports girl.

12 years ago,

I met a new girl, PY who then joined me and my favourite sports girl. We then learn gymnastic together too, though she quited sooner than us. We played everything together. We were the threesome. Sigh. And it reminded me how few friends I had when I was younger. I were close to no one else but these 2 girls. However, the close friendship between us is longer than my favourite sports girl, it was till form4 then we were not that close later on. Oh. I remember us boycotting my favourite sports girl too. Haha.

11 years ago,

I met another new friend, WM. She was a very very quiet and sweet girl. She was the girl that always forget to eat because she wasnt noticed about it. I thought it was ridiculous back then until now, I finally understood her situation. She was also the one who always write cute and mini letters even when we were so near. I am sorry that our close friendship ended so soon because of some misunderstanding :(

9 years ago,

There was this guy, TPC (hahahaha your name is gonna be obvious because you were mean) who bullied me in class and now, he is one of my BFF. This fatty (once fat) yelled to the teacher when we our seatings were placed together. And I never did talk to him later until we knew the internet, we knew MSN and ICQ. I found him a good listener and a good person to talk to. And not long later, we became closer. In the years of high school, I remember him copying my homeworks in the mornings "Vivien, lend me your math book" and this and that. I also remember him buying me M&M's because of a small bet we made in class. He is now one of my best friend.

Also, 9 years ago I had my first crush. Remember that I mentioned about having not much friends in school, besides some girls in the same class, no boys will talk to me, really unless they have no choice like asking me to move aside and make way for them. Why ah? I very ugly is it? Hahaha. This guy, with the initial of I, was one who talked to me! Although the conversation was crap, close to nonsenses, I remember the situation vividly till now. I remember what he wore and where did it happened as well. Being silly, I enjoyed every thing I did to see and know more about him. Haha.

Still on the same year, I met my BFF now, C1. No, we were not in the same class but we were in the same art class. But the funny thing is, she was my classmate during primary1 but we never did talk, I think. Until we were 10, she approached me and asked me about my birthday. We then realised we share the same birthday. Hahaha.

8 years ago,

I remember I had bad results and was sent to the 3rd class, first and the last time. I felt totally weird in a class of people whom I have never talked too. The worse thing was I realised that the sweet little guy I had a crush on wasnt in the same class with me anymore. Lucky I know C1. We grew closer then additional with PY whom I knew earlier. We became the threesome again. The PVC girls. Hahaha. Plus, I knew another girl, also with the initial of PC. If you're reading this, I have to admit that you were also one of the significant girl in my life because of some little things you did; like telling my secret crush to the guys. Haha. I was mad lar that time not anymore now :)

Relating to that, I remember a boy, PJ whom I also got along well with. We used to talk on the phone for very very very long hours. I cant even remember the content now. One thing for sure, everytime I hear the song, Sometimes, it reminds me of you. Haha. Also, a significant friend of the name JL, someone who I really dont understand now.

7 years ago,

The Malacca trip made quite a big impact to almost all of us who went. I remember how much I hated KVV that time because she was telling me things I dint want to hear about my buddy, WM and my crush. That trip made me knew another BFF of mine now, C2. That girl, I remember her sitting in front of me when we were in the bus but I could not remember her surname. It was hard for me and it took me sometime.

That year was one of my most hated year because so many problems were going round and round. Stupid little things KVV did made the friendship between me and WM went loose. Not forgetting the crush, the big culprit. WM, if I ever said anything that hurted you that time (I cant remember), I am sorry. It was not your fault. It was just me being jealous.

To the guy with the initial of I, I remember that you used to call me up every sunday evening asking me about homeworks. I thought you were lame but sweet.

6 years ago,

I remember vividly how I met WD, the second crush at the staircase located at the second floor canteen. And I bumped into him 3 times that day. Drama for me. And bye bye to the guy with the initial of I, because he was very mean to me lor. I did so many silly things to even know what is his name as he was my senior.

Also, that year I got along with my current close friends, SC and JK, both guys.

I also remember the guy with the very similar initial with me, VWKS who sat beside me (mine is VSKW). And also made me fell and landed on my butt because he took the chair away. You are actually quite significant.

5 years ago,

I remember arguing with two guys, YK and I (the first crush) for teasing WD. Hahaha. Damn childish. We never did talked for 3 days until they apologized to me. I remember TPC betrayed me by telling WD that I liked him. I also remember how the people made fun out of me liking my crush.

I remember JH, the girl who started an once-so-hot forum with me, ANGELSTAR! OMG. You guys remember or not?!?!?! I also remember a junior, NC, yes you, because I remember how much I dislike you combine jackets with baju kurung. Hahahaha ;p

4 years ago,

I remember how I met my first love, DT. It was totally out of expectation as I joined my BFFs to the Blue House outing, I was Green not Blue. I will never forget that day. I never did forget the conversations of the 4 girls made behind your back while you were in the front seat. And then, it was also your first time buying me a meal and sending me home. I guessed that was how it started as we could not leave each other over the phone and internet chat rooms ever since.

I remember you winning in the 1X100m event though you dint break your brother's record. I remember you doing a sudden bow to the judges during the march past. Everything is still fresh in my mind :) I also remember the Talent Night that brought impacts to me as well. It was the song that made you think wrongly but I thought it was right as you can see from the outcome. I remember WD confessing on the stage. And I knew you were looking at me, learning my expression and reaction at that moment. Then I remember how we started, everything within the years before a decision made a month ago.

On the same year, I made 2 good friends through the internet, SL and GY though they were in the same school with me. Hahaha. Both of you are significant to me :)

3 years ago,

The last year of being in such a significant place, I was slowly inspired to blog decently by SA. I realised that we dint really talk to each other until the preparations of Prom Night. Haha. Why ah?

BT, another significant girl who taught me a lot of things, mostly all bad (like how to scream at the top of your voice and giving people names). I will not forget about you as you sat beside me throughout the whole year :)

Also the funny and weird people in my class, they were the one who I dint want to talk with initially but later, we grew close bonds. They are so funny and not as evil as I thought they would be. They never did bully me instead I was the one who bullied and gave them funny names.

I really miss high school at Sri Garden. I miss everyone inculding those who were not mentioned too. I really miss you guys, peeps from high school the batch of 2005. Can we have a gathering this year again? I miss high schooooooooooooooooool life. I wonder why all these came to my mind but I really miss everyone. I want to go back to high school life. Omg.


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Comments on "Significant Little Humans"


Blogger alea aminsaid... (March 04, 2008 9:22 PM) : 


now you make me miss SSG so badly. aiyoyoyo.


Blogger Booppisaid... (March 04, 2008 10:54 PM) : 

let me guess!! let me guess!!

I dont know who is Ronald Lim

AL - dont know

DL - Denise lam ??

PY - now my BFF?? chin pui yeen ka?

WM - only person i can think of is wai min

TPC - err... tan piao ching? quite obvious.. =/

I - at first i though is IVAN. but i think not tho. i don know


PJ - pettaling jaya..?? i mean poh juan.

JL - dont know

KVV - hahahah nah u know i know.. i had quite a tough malacca trip as well. and days with her really.... disastrous. I think u know what happen in phay yan house and day after taht right? thanks to her. really.

C2 - carmen lorr

WD - dont know

SC - siew cheong?? quite random

JK - dont know

VWKS - vincent wong. hahah he's so mean... your butt still hurt ;p

YK - yi kye?

JH - jean hwei

NC - siapa?

DT - easy lar~

SL n GY - no way i'll know who la ok?

SA - pink color geh pao.

BT - hahaha BT i love her.. she's our teng teng isn't she? hahaha she;s lovely and i remember how she fell down when we were playing badminton. ;p

and lastly (self-intro)

LP - booppi, who love growing long nails and freak VSKW out. Kena complaint like 8475284525 times because she refused to cut her nail when its is break til it reaches the nail bed. keke ^-^


Anonymous GYsaid... (March 05, 2008 5:31 AM) : 

hehe. i miss u 2 babe ;p although i dunno why am i dong this instead of puttng my real name @_@ wtf.


Blogger pinkpausaid... (March 05, 2008 1:46 PM) : 

this post so emoooooo. but whee i got mention also :))

will ask WM to read this post :)

haha 'I'!

i spent a lot of time trying to figure out who is who. haha my list is pretty much same as LP's but i know who AL, I, WD and NC are.

i also miss high school... T____T


Anonymous vvenssaid... (March 05, 2008 7:56 PM) : 

alea : i really miss high school. very very hectic in college now :(

boppi : why u go mention them pulak! hahahaha. well you know them all one actually :D only wd is totally not a initial of that guy. haha. but still you know all of them mentioned.

gy : haha wanna stay anonymous? we actually met thru yafro and then msn then some silly conversation and CLICKED! :D

pinkpau : i also suddenly emo. if i add another inital to 'I' then very obvious already *_* hahaha.

gathering!!! gathering!


Anonymous Ksaid... (March 05, 2008 10:59 PM) : 

RL - Ronald Lim

AL - Alvin Leong

DL - Denise lam

WM - Wai Min

TPC - Tan Piao Ching

I - Ian low

C1 - Cindy

PJ - Poh Juan

JL - Joseph Lau

KVV - Kong Vivien

C2 - Carmen

WD - Senior? Tak kenal la..

SC - Siew Cheong

JK - Ju Koon

VWKS - Vincent Wong Kean Soon

YK - Yi Kye

JH - Jean Hwei

NC - ....... Nick Carter?

DT - Dexter Tan

SL and GY - Tak kenal also.

SA - Su Ann

BT - Boon Teng

LP - Li Peh

Anyways. Yea, SSG rocks.


Anonymous vvenssaid... (March 05, 2008 11:51 PM) : 

K : you are kinda creepy because you know more than others. and well, you got JL wrong.

why are you all listing out the names lar..


Anonymous GYsaid... (March 06, 2008 12:59 PM) : 

hahahah... no ma. how i know u want me to remain annonymous or not. LOL.


Anonymous Peggysaid... (March 07, 2008 12:12 PM) : 

Oppsi.. I don't remember doing such things.. I'm so sorry.. Haha.. Why am I like that? -.-


Anonymous vvenssaid... (March 07, 2008 6:09 PM) : 

gy : hahahaha. tak apa tak apa :)

peggy : hehe yeah. aiya last time all were young mar :)


Blogger bluejoshuasaid... (March 15, 2008 4:26 PM) : 

lol. cant believe you actually remember it all out. seeing it back makes me living in it.


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