Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Sunday Morning

This morning I went all the way to Carmen's house at Bukit Jalil from Ampang just to take Kungfu shots for this. It might sound silly but it gave us another chance to play a fool with the camera. Hahaha. But we had only a few hours to play because I need to rush back to Ampang Grocer to give out Sunkist orange juice. Muahahaha.

#01 We started with Cindy. And guess what? She brought her dog, Panda along. The dog which hated me forever. Vice versa. Muahahahaha.

#02 And they had a mother and dog-ther jumping shot which scared Panda a lot. Too bad doggie. Cindy was marvelous okay, she can jump up very very high. The best among the three.

Then we had Carmen to do her Kungfu pose. She had a little trouble doing it, maybe she wasnt 100% awake.

#03 So, we had Cindy to help her out and they ended up wasting my camera's battery.

#04 Something random I took while they were experimenting the Kungfu poses. Meet Thin-teen :)

#05 After awhile, she got it! But Thin-teen damn kacau okay! Shoo!

#06 Wow, this look very Kungfu to me minus her funny face which later led into laughters.

Okok, next it was my turn to show off my Kungfu poses. I did research last night okie but I failed almost all nice poses and I ended up with a silly one.

#07 What a failure attempt. Oops. And Thin-teen very very annoying lor.

#08 Second attempt. Failed. Ugly.

#09 I ended up with this picture because I cannot afford to jump anymore. My muscles were actually aching. Well, not Kungfu-ish though :(

#10 Later, we continued playing bubbles. And look at my fake Levi's watch I bought in Petaling Street for only Rm15 ;p

#11 And this is what I did :) Anyway, can someone teach me how to do animation in Adobe Photoshop. Man, I dont know how one lor...

#12 A picure taken with Cindy's smile shutter sony camera. Very hard only can sense my smile lor. ISH!

Then then then, we had a very delicious and cute brunch at Carmen's place before we leave to work.

#13 The brunch prepared by Carmen's little princessy sister, Carin. Anyway, I dont know if I've written my "oishii" correctly or not. I kinda forgotten the language I learnt.

#14 And this is why I called it cute. The sushi came in heart, star, triangel shapes and many more. I feel like eating more sushi now!

And this was how I spent my Sunday morning today :) What about you?


Comments on "My Sunday Morning"


Anonymous shesaid... (December 17, 2007 11:52 AM) : 

wa! nice doodle cute sushi :)


Anonymous cindysaid... (December 17, 2007 1:04 PM) : 

the star sushi is in my stomach. wahahaha!


Blogger pinkpausaid... (December 17, 2007 7:16 PM) : 

vvens!!!! you spoiled the antm finale for me!!!!

and why didnt jenah or chantal win!!! why!!!!


Anonymous clivesaid... (December 18, 2007 6:47 PM) : 

hahah u guys extreme! hug dog jump, play kung fu at bamboo tree...wats next ?!


Anonymous natsaid... (December 19, 2007 9:05 AM) : 

cindy's dog is adorable. looks so fine with fur!


Anonymous sissonnesaid... (December 19, 2007 9:05 AM) : 

i see our starbucks tee !!! wee wee !!!! hope u like it ! handwash for longer lasting


Anonymous vvenssaid... (December 20, 2007 1:33 PM) : 

she : thank you, you! :)

cindy : yayayaya ;p

pinkpau : paiseh lar. DAMN SAD RIGHT NONE OF THEM WIN! :(

clive : hahahaha we are doing this with purpose mar.

nat : i hate the dog. yiii.

sissonne : yeah. i like it. and ya, only hand wash available at my home. hahaha.


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