Saturday, November 3, 2007

My 19th Birthday

Unlike the past 18 years, for the first time on my birthday I do not have a birthday cake. Pathetic. Hahaha. I did not celebrate my birthday too this year, because it falls on my final examinations too where I had to sit for 2 papers a day. Or to be exact, I celebrated my 19th birthday in the college's library.

Oh yeah, I had my "birthday party" in the library together with my BFF, Cindy who shared the same birthday with me.

#01 Cindy and I in red and pink.

#02 DanDan who came to my "party" in the library.

#03 YinLy and Lilo who turned up as well. Muahahahaha. Carmen and Cythia were there too but the picture we took was a bit lousy so I din't share.

#04 And it was time for "cake-cutting". Alamak! My blue "candle" cannot stand on the "cake" ;p

#05 After "celebrating" my birthday in library for 2 hours, we went back to the hall for examinations. These were taken after the papers.

#06 The digital shoots with my BFFs.

#07 With Carmen who promised to get me a cake. Mana dia? :(

Haahaha. I'm abit out of my mind now because I dont have nice nice party pictures to share here. That's why I have to "create" one. Anyway, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes take I received face-to-face, through blogs, friendster, facebook, msn and SMS, the birthday hugs, birthday presents and birthday songs.

And here are some gifts I received.

A birthday video from my youngest cousin, KaiWen.

#08 A stack a clothes from my mum, aunts from Singapore and Carmen. YAY!

#09 Birthday drawings my little Ivan and Tammie did for me.

#10 An O.P.I nail colour from Cindy. A keys pouch from Joyee. Bling bling from JingJing and a necklace from Cythia.

#11 PINK M&M's and M&M's pen from Elaine. WA, limited edition candy leh! The baby cookies and chocolate from Joyee and Shernny, my colleagues. These were the stuffs I usually curi from them during work. Hahaha.

Besides that, I received angpau from my grandma too! And you know what will be my best gift this year? A ticket to see Jay Chou next January in Singapore (not concert ticket!) by Elaine and with the opportunity given by PrinceJay. Thanks! :)

Once again, thank you to everyone! :)


Comments on "My 19th Birthday"


Anonymous ennsaid... (November 04, 2007 10:34 AM) : 

kai wen? haha, really cute leh her. ohh yaa! shen re kuai le vvens jie jie =P (sorry im late late late) =="


Anonymous behoncesaid... (November 04, 2007 10:35 AM) : 

How you do wan the picture got color but black and white? Dont tell me fotoshop.Tell me the steps...


Anonymous yong-zsaid... (November 04, 2007 10:35 AM) : 

u have long long hairrrrr


Anonymous shesaid... (November 04, 2007 10:55 AM) : 

wa! your cousin is very very cute! :)

i wanna kidnap her.


Blogger ItchyHandsengsaid... (November 05, 2007 2:05 AM) : 

Happy belated birthday.Ur cousin very ke ai la haha.


Anonymous vvenssaid... (November 05, 2007 11:18 AM) : 

enn : hahaha late better than never :) its alright.!

behonce : okok ajar u kat msn lar. haha.

yong-z : i never really cut since form5. i only cut once when i cut my bangs too.

she : you might have to fly to singapore then. hehehehe.

itchyhandseng : thank you :)


Anonymous Anonymoussaid... (November 06, 2007 12:59 AM) : 




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