Friday, September 8, 2006

Some Idiot, not Jay.

I was damn frustrated with the Marketing paper today. I dont like to do Marketing stuffs lar. It took me only 1 hour to sit down in the examination room. I really cant think of what to write on the answer sheet anymore. So I just fantasize around.

And we, me and my friends proceeded to Sungei Wang to collect my Jay's pre-order album at popular book store. I was looking forward for it. I really cant wait for it anymore. I asked the counter about it and they told me it havent arrive yet! I was like being shot right on my head. Very sad and disappointed till my friends received calls from another popular bookstore saying that they can now collect the product. Grrr. So i went back there a few hours later. Yes! My patience of waiting for it for about 3-4 hours have paid back by his album!

I wasnt really satisfied with his new album honestly. Because there are too little of songs. I'm not enough of the songs! They are just so nice!!! AHH!! Very nice. Not biased this time but just very very nice. Worth my cash and time. Hahaha. Oh. I have his GIANT poster too! Yay!

Before I forget, I was being disturbed by an asshole on my way to the monorail with Carmen and Liepeh. Ewww. He used his arm to knock me on my chest and said, "AIYAK". Curse him!! He acted like he was doing that by accident but not!!! That path was so wide. Why of all places, of all people, must knock me? Can knock the wall mar! Babi.

He was such an idiot. I knew everyone was looking but I acted like nothing has happened. I dont want to stop walking. I'm afraid he might do some other stupid things. So I just cursed him, "Chi sin" and stared at him once he walked behind. But hey, lucky me! I was having a file protecting me. So, he din't actaully touch me that idiot. ;p Real idiot.

At first, I thought he was someone I knew trying to fool with me. I almost faint when I looked up to his ugly fat face. Hahaha. Am I a little mean? I don't think so. He was trying to disturb me loh!!! HEH! Vivien very angry now! Who knows how to curse someone like hitting his/her picture of detail on some papers with the clog, like the olden days people would do? I pay you!


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