Thursday, September 7, 2006

Pretty outside, Nothing inside?

My mum always denies that I'm not pretty at all when her friends praise me infront of her. Maybe she's shy or perhaps she really thinks so. She always says that I look much better when I put on the smiling mask. She says that I have a very "unfriendly" look because I hardly smile. I don't give people a good impression. Almost every new friend I made will give me a comment saying that "You look very lanci leh..." Especially guys.

I can't deny that I don't have a friendly look but I'm friendly.! *Innocent*

Serious, I'm serious. Do you know why mostly guys give me such comment? I think because I really dont like to talk to people I dont know especially guys. Unless I like you lar! ;p So, please don't tell me I look lanci anymore because I knew it.

And it is not even that great for a person to have very good looks but eventually have nothing good inside. There are just too much of good looking girls outside there mis-using their looks for their own advantages or what so ever. In short, they somehow betrayed themselves. I respect no girls who are like this. This same thing applies on guys too. And on the other hand, people who have only average look is being looked down just because they dont own a attractive cover outside.

Like said, never judge a book by its cover. Very true but not much people actaully do so. I think its actaully very unfair sometimes. Perhaps this normal looking human has the inner beauty while the hot chick doesnt, but the normal looking girl will still lose. Why? This is because human now are much more materialistic, mean and crude.

Am not very happy at this moment because of almost the same topic. There was a girl I saw today wasnt really pretty BUT she make over herself and looked even awful. All I noticed was she was trying to seduce some guys. Ewww. Her look isnt that bad afterall but it was the make up and outfit on her brought her down. She thought she could win the guys' hearts with a very uneven and thick black eye liner, low cut tee and micro skirt.

I think she was shallow enough to think so. I know most guys cant resist pretty girls but I also know that guys do not go for outlook only. Sigh. I dont even know what I'm typing now. Just very upset with the girls.


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