Thursday, September 28, 2006


If one day, I mean, if I dont update my blog, appear in your MSN's contact list, SMS you, call you (if I usually do), or if you dont see me anymore in 10 days, please call 03-92820055 to ask for me. If you care la. Something might had happened to me. I'm serious. I'm just afraid that no one will know about my absences, just like the poor boy in my previous entry. Hahaha. Serious eh.

P/s: This is the very last picture of me with my long and dry and ugly hair. I've just cut them after my last cut 10 months!! WOW. And I've just got 3 inches of them chopped off. :(


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Blogger Leonardsaid... (November 19, 2008 6:50 PM) : 

Hey Wen !

I happen to stumble upon yr blog while googling for TUTU Cakes. I'm from Malaysia and will be heading over to singapore tmr evening for the weekend. It'll be great to have a friend like u over there to lead me to the place which i can get some TUTUs.. lolz

I'm Leonard btw, if you have add me on @

speak soon n hope to hear from u.


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