Tuesday, January 3, 2006


I'm a loyal reader; fan of Seventeen magazine. Hahaha. I always dream to be in the magazine. How wonderful can it be to be a pretty model for them. Then, i saw the photography cast date in the magazine and got excited.! Me and a good friend of mine made a deal to go for the cast together after my SPM. Who knows, she cant wait and went before her PMR with her another friend. ;( So sad.

You see!! She even appear on the magazine! Grrrr. Bad girl. ;p

Haih. Nevermind, i forgive her because she was looking good in the magazine. ;) So i decided to go with some other friends. I went there today!

The photoshot was real fast. One full body picture, half body and one close up picture. Just that and bye bye. Wait for their call if they like us. Hahaha. I wonder if they liked us? ;p

After that, we went to Midvalley. For the first time, the mall i went was so empty.!! Ahh, its the first day of school, that's why. Everyone went to school and we did too, in the morning. I miss school. ;( I woke up early today and i thought i was going to school when i passed by SSG. Hahaha..

Then, we headed to Sungei Wang and took some sticker photos. ;) See!!!!

And when we were dividing the pictures, the shop assistant walked forward to us and asked us if we were willing to take sample pictures for them. We agreed. Hahaha. Never tried it before and it was totally awkward when you have to pose and take picture infront of a stranger who will tell you what
to do. This and that. We could not take the picture back so.. I took a picture of our picture. Haha.

Hey, its not decorated by us! Hahahaha...


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