Sunday, January 8, 2006

Music Shall Not Die

Last night, me and my mum and also her gang of friends went to UE3 for dinner. We ate at Xi-Men-Ting; which is an area's name in Taiwan. The food there isnt bad at all. But that''s not the mainpoint. After dinner, we went to the theatre for some mini-concert organized by my mum's friend.

The whole programme took us an hour plus only. In it, people like my age to citizen seniors, play chinese traditional musical instrument. What's the purpose of this event? You may think its a boring, apalah mini concert, but i personally thinks its a very educational thing. You often do you see teens like us play traditional instrument? Oh no, we play guitars, bass, piano and drums. What is er-hu by the way? Hahaha.

We are borned chinese and are to treasure our culture. ;) Yes, we must lor. Or not our next generation
will ask us the same question. "Mummy, what's di-zi what is pi-pa?" For your information, di-zi is a flute and pi-pa is a instrument with strings. Hahaha you might have seen it before in chinese movies where ladies play them. I wish i could post up the picture here to clarify, to show you how they look.

And this is a picture i took before they started the musical.

The theatre is so small that they need not use microphones. The sounds are so clear and nice.

The view from my seat. We were supposed to sit RIGHT infront but we're so lazy to move forward up. ;p

My mother and m brother sitting beside me. My mother, who went toilet 2 times an hour last night. ;p My brother who was so bored during the play and kept disturbing me.

The place is dark, this is the clearest picture i snapped. Can you at least see some instrument they are playing? Hehehe. Other then some chinese traditional instrument, they too played drum, cello and double bass.

They played various noctrune. They were very sweeeet. I mean the music. I dont know how to describe but its just plain NICE. ;) Anyway, its also some charity. All our tickets' money are to be donated. The price isnt high at all! Its what everyone can afford to buy. Why not?


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