Friday, January 6, 2006

I Miss Schooling Days

I dont know why my heart when "buup buup buup" seriously, as if its going to fall from my body when everytime i took a step in SSG, my darling school. I was so excited when i know i can return back to my school and pay a visit to everyone there. Until i went down the car, the real excitement was here. I was so happy and my jaws are uncloseable. LOL. I'm serious.

I'm back to school, this time, with dyed hair and without uniform. So what? I'm not their student anymore.

Everyone gave me a weird stare. Actaully not to me, but my hair. Wei, i cannot dye my hair red meh? Hahaha. Dont blame the kids. I was so happy when i stepped in the lobby and teachers started to greet me when they saw me. I AM REALLY VERY HAPPY. But most of them said, "WOW, your hair!" when they first see me and not some, "HI! How are you?" Hahaha.

I went up fourth floor. The place where i spend most of my teen life in. The place is not a stranger to me neither the kids there. Sometimes i though i was back to school. I almost went in my class.! Hahaha. One thing i'm not happy about is the classes' name. They changed it back to the original classes name. Grr. They should not have done the changes last year. Ngong.

I met En Adenan and Ms Geetha when i was walking along the form4-form5 corridor. They waved to me happily. Haha.

The bell rang and its after school!! Met more junior friends. They are still the same. Hehehehe. So, i walked to the new wing's entrance very naturally. Its the spot where i use to stand there, waiting for mum's arrival. Its just so automatic. I noticed they did some renovation to the new wing. Not bad huh. ;)

I saw MsDoh and some of my batch students too. I miss them. I'm having this feeling maybe because i haven started college. I'm just feelling rather desperate to go to school and meet my friends. Its not fun staying at home everyday. At least, i need to get a job before March arrives.

Seeing every of my friends attending college and school, i'm so envy of them. I want to go with you all!!! Join me in!!!!!!!!!!!!


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