Sunday, January 1, 2006

Flashback on 2005

What are the things that are memorable in 2005? Hehee. Let me think, i guessed there are alot. Firstly, i attended Jay's Incomparable Concert during late January with my friends, and it was Luiz birthday. Hahaha. Had fun that day. ;)

I realised that i met my idol quite alot last year, 3 times.!!! HIs concert, Initial D carnival and November's Chopin promo. And i got his autograph.! Yay.

I took undang exam and i failed and failed and then i passed finally. Lucky i have got great supportive friends who are willing to beg and please for me. I love you, girls. And of course my dear to who always understand me. Most of my friends who took the classes and exam with me can now drive. Aww, i'm so happy yet envy. I want too!

Most importandly, we sat for an exam that we used 5 years to study or 3?? SPM is over. No more study study study and exam then results thingy. Hahaha. I think we took SPM quite easy. I can see from everyone faces. Hahaha. I dont know why. I really think we took it very easy. And now its over. Glad.! But about the results.........................

Oh and ya, we had our seventeenth birthday with the whole gang of friends. ;)

Prom, a day we prepared for a very very long time. It came out well. We had loads of fun that day. Hehehehehe.

2005, a year which i gained loads of experience of life. I started to work at flea markets. Selling clothes. Always visit warehouses and now, i wont buy clothes which are real high price. I know they are original cheap. Hahahaha.. ;p

But one thing that i dint get to do, is to see Susan. ;( So sad. You better feel guilty.

Conclusion that doesnt make any sense but true, I love everyone. ;)


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