Sunday, January 1, 2006

First Day of 2005

Today we went to Pulau Ubin @ Changi Village for seafood. Nyek nyek. Took alot of pictures.

Waiting for the mini ferry. ;) And now, the mini-lauya-ferry is here. Scary. *_*

We took alot of pictures in the boat as we were so bored during the journey.

The above picture is my mum, and her two girlfriends. ;) I like the effect of this picture.

Here we come Pulau Ubin!!!!!

The restaurant that we went in and it costed us almost S$300. We ate crabs, prawns, fish, oysters, veggie, taufu, egg etc etc etc. VERY YUMMY.

A candid picture of my mum enjoying her coconut juice. Haha.

The beautiful sky after rain; on the way back to Singapore island.


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